How does it work?

If you decide to accept the challenge, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Here’s a guideline to clarify the process. Below you’ll also find the jury’s criteria for your idea.
Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up fot the 2018 edition!

1. An idea

Do you have a great idea that has social value in terms of Positive Health, Loneliness or Poverty? Is it also useful for lots of people and can be executed on a long term? Then send in your idea by filling in the form below. If you’re still looking for inspiration, take a look here. Haven’t you got an idea yet, but are you willing to contribute anyway? We are happy to help you think of an idea that suits both you and your company.

2. A plan

As soon as you signed up with your idea, we’ll contact you. Together we’ll take a look at your plan and how it fits within the criteria of the Challenge, which you can find below. After this, you’ll know what aspects you have to work on. You hand in your definitive version of the plan, we judge it and let you know if you’re in the running towards getting a part of the budget you requested.

We will support you with workshops and advice during the implementation: that way, you can make as much impact as possible!

3. Finance

The municipality of Groningen invests in your plan with a maximum of 50%. The other 50% is for your own account. You can achieve this by financing yourself, or by finding partners. This will make your plan stand strong.

4. Social marketing

Together we will make a plan to turn the idea into a social success.

We will  pay your company a visit, to interview you and take professional pictures of you and your (social) services. These will be used for several media channels. You get to use them for your own purposes too. You’ll get a place in our gallery, among other entrepreneurs that already sent in an idea or started a social initiative.


5. The public votes

For a short period, every entrepreneur that participates, can gather votes. On the website, citizens of Groningen and your clients can vote for the best idea. In addition, a professional jury will look into the different aspects of the initiatives.

6. Winning

In the end, the three initiatives that make the biggest difference, win. Together, they get to divide €15.000. But of course: the prize is not the goal. It’s the social impact that makes us all winners. The challenge has only one purpose: creating a snowball effect.

Criteria for your idea


To what problem is your idea a solution?


Who benefits from your idea?
With whom would you like to collaborate?


Does your idea work on the long term?


Is your idea applicable elsewhere in Groningen?
Is it expandable?


What is it that makes your idea innovative in terms of your business or the offer in the city?


We also would like you to start thinking about the budget of your project,
considering you invest half of it.


Dream that every company contributes to the society, and call it idealistic. Make it a challenge, and it becomes realistic.

Why this challenge?

The Groningse Ondernemers Challenge is an initiative, based on the wish of the municipality of Groningen, to involve both citizens and entrepreneurs in the social domain more often.

This year, the Groningse Ondernemers Challenge will be held for the second time. The challenge is for entrepreneurs to develop social initiatives, make innovative ideas work and expand ongoing social projects.

What’s the goal of this challenge?

The mission is accomplished when a movement is being started. This movement means that not only short term, but long term projects are being supported and a snowball effect arises.

Last year we started this movement, this year we want to expand it and also measure the true impact that was made by the ideas of last year’s participants. Social responsibility awareness and its mutual dependence have to be a common thought, in order to let the city of Groningen thrive socially too.

The 2018 edition of the challenge has been finished

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